Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey, Folks! Let's Celebrate!

Wednesday, July 1st, 7:00 p.m.
- B.D. Chase Memorial Songwriters Open Mic -
The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Come on out to The Coffee Tree Books & Brew, grab that cup of great coffee, a snack and hear some great music by our local songwriters. This week's Songwriters Showcase, hosted by Ken Dupree is dedicated to the memory of the late BD Chase. BD, whose real name was Donald Faulkenbury, died July 11, 2008 at age 61 of heart disease. He was a courageous, quiet, gentle man who touched and changed lives with his art, his music, his wit, his wisdom, and courage. B.D.had a quick smile and encouraging words for all songwriters as he entertained and hosted the Wednesday Night Songwriters Showcase.

Who may be one of the first to hear the next great hit ... Or you may be the new songwriter presenting the next great hit! Who knows! Anyway, you will be entertained by the many regular songwriter/singers including, Jim Parker, Ken Cooper, MaryJustice, Donny & Susan Grace, Karen Newsum, Earl Watts, Jerry Munger and any newcomers who happen to drop in! Songwriters come from near and far to sing at The Coffee Tree...word has gotten around and guitar carrying visitors to Huntsville drop in on Wednesday nights!!!

Thursday July 2nd, 7:00
- "Celebrate America" -
The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama

This special show celebrates Independence Day of our great United States of America!

Featuring patriotic songs by Randy Duck, HPD Lieutenant, retired.

Hosted by Ken Dupree, also HPD retiree. Ken is quite the comic and has something special up his sleeve for Thursday night!

Back by popular demand!!!! Bubba Elvis performing the last 45 minutes of the show. You don't want to miss him! You know .... after his last song ... Elvis leaves the building!!!

So, come on early... get your favorite table ... order up that great coffee ... sandwich ... salad ... dessert from Kitty and Tom's menu ... settle in for a night of fun, music and friendship!

No Friday Night Showcase this week! The Coffee Tree will close late afternoon on Friday so the staff can enjoy ... The 4th of July! Happy Birthday USA!

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  1. I pray, in times like these, that heart strings will feel a tug, and people will be inspired to stop, clear their heads of all the media mess, and propaganda we are all being force-fed, and remember all the true sacrifice that has been made by so many before us. I pray that people will be moved from this apparent catatonic state we are in as a nation, back to reality, and band together to put a stop to the insanity that is being crammed down our throats. Sincerely, I do not mean to be crass, and spoil the celebration of this great nation. But we are dangeroulsy close to losing so much freedom, as we approach our Independence Day holiday, for times worse than ever. We are being persecuted from within, by our own representatives. Too many people think that freedom has to do with expression, and fashion, and art, and how many times they should be allowed to marry and divorce, or be allowed to just act like a fool in public. For some reason, people today are so busy trying to be "themselves", acting like children who have yet to learn the difference between right and wrong, that they have lost all sight as to what freedom really means, therefore; they are totally ignorant of what impact the lack of freedom will do to their spoiled existences. Wake up, people. The 4th of July is not about what will be on your table this weekend, or how you can alter the traditional meal, and cut your caloric intake in half, as was highlighted on The Early Show, this morning. God, bless America, and please protect us from ourselves, and the enemies, within.



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