Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Memoriam – BD Chase

Happy Birthday, BD!

BD started the Songwriters Open Mic at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew in Huntsville, Alabama, an event mentioned frequently on this blog.  I suppose you could say that this blog came into being because of him.  We stumbled onto the event one Wednesday night after MaryJustice's ballet class for a sandwich and cup of coffee, totally unaware of what that would mean to us. There were a handful of songwriters strumming guitars and singing their  songs… just a handful. Now the place is packed on Wednesday nights ... new comers and old friends sharing what they have written and carrying on his tradition of encouraging and helping one another.
Donald B. Faulkenbury was born June 20, 1947 in Pageland, NC.  He took the name BD Chase and began playing bass professionally in 1967.  He played in scores of night clubs, roadhouses, dives, and the usual assortment of weddings and played up and down the east coast in a variety of "beach bands" doing mostly Carolina shag music, oldies, and rhythm and blues.  He also performed backup for such groups as The Platters, The Clovers, The Coasters, Clifford Curry, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs and a brief two-week stint with a young country singer named Randy Travis.  BD decided to go solo in 1987 and in '93 retired from professional performances concentrated on writing. BD won numerous awards at the Mountain Valley Arts (MOVA) Festival.  BD said, “I've enjoyed this aspect of the business a lot more than the performing end but have yet to see any financial gain, however, as any songwriter knows, once you start, you're hooked”.  “So, if I never make a dime on any of my songs, I'll continue to crank'em out”.

BD was a talented artist who loved painting caricatures and  Americana. Some of his work is displayed at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew.  

BD_Chase_Chicken_TruckBD went home to be with his Lord on July 9, 2008. BD is lovingly missed by his family, friends and The Coffee Tree. His friend, Ken Dupree stepped up to host Songwriter’s Night. BD, he is faithful to get first time singers to sign the guitar. The first one got so full a second one was added.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Luv Ya Dad!!!!
    Miss Ya Much !!!!

  2. Dear Anonymous, please contact Kitty at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew. She has something of BD's for you. She has lost your telephone number.

    We miss him also.
    Webmaster, Homegrown Songwriters!


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