Monday, July 4, 2011

Come Meet MaryJustice Lucas!

MaryJustice Lucas

 "Music is what I love! I started writing little songs when I was five and more detailed lyrics by age seven. Believe it or not, I was a dancer for seven years. Something I loved very much.  Long story short ... when I was younger, I was knocked down at a skating rink and injured my knee. I wasn't able to dance like I used to. Down the street from the dance studio was the Coffee Tree Books & Brew and I happened to drop in one songwriter's night. It's so true that God opens another door when one closes. I started singing at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew Songwriter Open Mic. At first, I was shy about sharing my songs, but a songwriter friend encouraged me by saying God gave me the gift to write music and I should share that gift. I joined a songwriting group and  met some great people who have been very encouraging!"

"My favorite part of a song is its lyrics.  Sometimes people say “Oh, I love this song!” and when I ask 'What’s it about?' they will sometimes say they don’t know, that they don’t listen to the words.  If you are someone who does that, it’s perfectly all right, but as for me, I find it impossible to NOT listen to what is being said. I love listening to the story being told in the song, just as much as I enjoy sharing stories in the songs I write."

"I love drawing, painting, photography, reading and the performing arts.The past couple of years have been like a whirlwind with competition wins, lots of traveling, learning guitar and leaving public school for a college preparatory home school program! Although I have a flexible schedule that allows for songwriting, performances and trips, it gets very hectic.  My faith and love of Jesus, my friends and family keep me going and give me inspiration for my songs." 

Whether Pop or New Country, MaryJustice's songs appeal to teens as well as older music lovers.

MaryJustice Lucas is performing with fellow songwriters, Chapman James and John Tinger at the Madison Gazebo, Main Street, Madison, Alabama, Thursday, July 7th at 6:30pm.  

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