Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Really Big Show!

Our own "Homegrown Songwriter" from "Our Sweet Home Alabama," MaryJustice Lucas, opened for our own, "Homegrown Songwriter" Jim Parker's Songwriters Series at the VBC Playhouse, Huntsville, Alabama, on September 7, 2012. MaryJustice has some beautifully mastered cover songs and videos on ReverbNation, a Facebook Music Page, and MaryJustice Official Channel on YouTube. I'm sure she would appreciate viewing her videos and  clicking the Like box on Facebook! Read her blog, Live, Laugh, Love, to keep up with what she's doing! She one busy "Homegrown Songwriter"! 

What a line up of pro-writers!
Click their links and visit their websites. They also have fan pages on Facebook and I know would appreciate a click on the Like box. You'll enjoy reading about the big hits written by these writers!


I highly recommend going to the VBC Playhouse for Jim's shows. There's one every month. The schedule is on Jim's website. The best entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama, for just twenty bucks! And, the opportunity to sit back in cozy comfort and enjoy a show with waitresses silently moving through the audience taking orders, and delivering awesome food and beverages. This Webmaster knows!!!

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