Sunday, August 25, 2013


A side note about the music on my shows. I say a lot ... I play the music I LOVE,  which is true. However, I think that a DJ that says they will play your music if they like it ... that is a selfish way of looking at it. Who are we to judge what other folks like? All DJs, especially in the world of independent music, should have an open mind and try to present music for everyone. Should we follow mainstreams judgments and only play over produced, loaded with effects music. I think not! I believe with all of my heart, we should include the grassroots music, even if not perfect. So when you listen to my show, expect imperfections, maybe even living room pickings. I certainly play studio productions and respect the work that goes into them, and LOVE them, but that is not all there is to music. MaryJustice Lucas is one of the best voices I have ever heard. She commented to me that her music was not radio ready, well I beg to differ and will play her in my shows with pleasure!!! 

Another side to this is the musicians that listen and what they like as well. The most produced, horse voice, living room picking jam, blues tune, I put on ReverbNatiom got me to 17, nationally, by other blues artists that made great comments and kept coming back for more, BUT radio won't play it because it is under produced. And, that is fine with me but something is being overlooked here. I think it is the call for more real life types of music. Not what mainstream has fed us for the last few years. And really a new song on mainstream only last about two weeks.
Where will the classic of our era come from? Will there even be any? With this all said, I have the highest regard for what it takes to do radio, now that I am involved from two standpoints, as an artist and DJ. I am learning so much and see the work and love that is put into it. On my Songwriters show I WILL be mixing mainstream and indie. I love a lot of mainstream ... just have a gripe about how the major labels have handled it for a long time. A lot of folks that worked hard for years to get a major label to pick them up are now holding their breath for the contracts to be up. 

I welcome the revolution in music that is happening now and honored to be part of it. If you have suggestions for me to be better at my jobs,  in both areas, I welcome your suggestions as I feel like learning all aspects of music never ends. Thanks for indulging me as I pass these thoughts on to you.

Memphis to Muscle Shoals and Beyond

You are invited to my show on It is the First Monday of every month and focuses 
on music from the mid-south. It is from 7-9pm CST, 8-10pm EST. We are editors choice on Windows media player and folks are joining us from all over the GLOBE!! You can also join chat on the home page and the show can be heard on all phones. For those of you using iphones, if you want to join chat try this link 

Here is a link directly to LISTEN You can also now find us on itunes, shoutcast and windows media player. Hope to see you!!!

The Listening Room Songwriters Showcase
Starting the first Saturday of every month I will be doing an original. all genre, songwriters showcase on At this time we have listeners from 120 countries. The Listening Room Showcase has been in the works but finally coming about. The concept came from owning a Listening Room in Memphis Tn in the 80's with Susan Ratner as co owner. I loved it then and love it now. The original listening rooms started in Chicago many years ago. I used to play them and thought it was a wonderful idea. After my Memphis one, many venues and online sites have taken that name. I am proud that it is so popular and happy to continue the tradition. I will have local artists such as the great Sandy Carroll, Nashville hit writers such as Mark Narmore, and songwriters from across the globe. Mainstream and Independent artist together sharing their talents. Join me at 2-4pm EST, 1-3pm CST, 7pm UK time.

Tune in to Rocker's Dive! It's 24/7 music at Rocker's Dive is a very unique internet music platform with music you can listen to while working or just browsing the internet. Or, you can log into their chat-room for fun interaction with the DJs and many times the artists being featured.

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