Sunday, July 13, 2014

Introducing Matt Bednarsky

Matt started out in Connecticut, got his degree in New York, did some traveling,  moved to Nashville! Matt is a Homegrown Songwriter now that he's performing at The Foyer in Huntsville, Alabama!

Put a guitar in his hands and give him an atmosphere in which to sing and you’ll soon realize that Matt brings something fresh and exciting to music. Browse his YouTube channel with more than 200 covers and originals and over 2 million video views and you’ll get an idea of his talent, “prolificness” and diversity.  Click around his online community throughout Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and you’ll see his commitment to, and gratitude toward his growing fan base.  It’s clear, Matt is no ordinary musical artist. Check out Matt's website and be amazed at his accomplishments! Matt's bio is a good read. His music is available on iTunes, but come on out to meet him at: 

The Foyer - Friday, July 18th - 8:00pm



MaryJustice Lucas

Don't miss these two talented performing songwriters. You are in for a real treat. Order some wonderful cheesecake, beverage of your choice, set back and enjoy!

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