Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meet Bonnie McGill!!

She's not from Alabama, or even the United States, but I ran across Bonnie McGill on the internet and fell in love with her music and down-home style and sincerity. May I introduce, Bonnie McGill?

She visits her friends and fans on ReverbNation regularly and comments on their music with words of encouragement. Bonnie is a creative writer and entertainer and pulls you in as she sets an inviting scene with "the coffee is hot and your music is playing in Bonnie's cafe this morning." One immediately gets a mental vision of a warm, cozy cafe with people sitting around enjoying the music Bonnie plays for her customers. I asked her if she has a cafe and her reply was, "no, it's just for fun ... an imaginary place ... everyone loves it" and she's right!

Bonnie's Story

I am one of 13 children born and raised in West Lorne, Ontario, Canada, in a three bedroom house. We had little means of entertainment.  So, I would make up bedtime stories to tell my sisters, as five of us younger girls shared one bed (It kept us warm that way.). I always knew I had a gift to write and sing and to tell stories. I decided to start writing things down on paper and saving what I'd write.  I had sung hymns in church every Sunday since I was three years old. My voice would ring out above so many! I would often be called up to sing to the congregation with the accompaniment of a piano.

When I started school, the other kids made fun of me, because I was poor. I loved the song Dolly Parton wrote “Coat of Many Colours” because I had a coat just like that. I walked over a mile to school and home every day.  It was often freezing cold so I would sing the songs I made up to take my mind off the cold.

I have been told by many people that my writing is a gift from God. I believe that is true. I am thankful that God would bless a poor child such as me with such a treasured gift. To date, I have written over 400 songs and continue to write every day. I have published a CD with 18 original songs. I have recorded In Nashville Tennessee and In London, Ontario, Canada

I have published a book in 2009, entitled “Bonnie's Poems”. It has 221 pages of real-life stories and poems about me and different events in my life. I also included 85 original songs written by me. The book is available through alibris.

We still live in the small town of West Lorne Ontario, Canada where I am writing my biography, “Kirschner Is My Name.” Kirschner is my maiden name and I want people to know that a poor girl, with music in her heart, can make it in this world with the help of a loving family, friends, and a loving God!

You  may contact Bonnie at 
Bonnie McGill
124 Graham, Street
West Lorne, Ontario 
Canada N012P0, 

Drop in for a visit with Bonnie McGill. Listen to her music and watch her videos. I have included a playlist here, but click on all her links and get acquainted with this sweet, warm and talented entertainer. You won't be disappointed.

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