Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kenneth Cooper

One of our own "Homegrown Songwriters From Our Sweet Home Alabama" ... a nicer person you will not meet! And,  you've always heard "behind every successful man is a woman" ... TRUE ... as you read through this article, it is very clear that Jennifer with her intelligence, clear thinking and sweet nature knew when to gently "push" Ken in the right direction!

Kenneth  started composing songs while stationed for NASA in Washington, DC in 2005, when his wife, Jennifer (now co-writer), bought him an acoustic guitar for $1 on EBay. He found the songwriting process to be very therapeutic after stressful days at work. They moved back to Alabama in June of ’05, and his daily job once again took over for a few years.
So, in early 2008, Jennifer instigated a small intervention of sorts because Ken was working lots of overtime and did not realize the duress he was under. Jennifer suggested he kick back a little and find a creative outlet. For Valentine’s Day, she bought him a Washburn guitar and studio recording session for the 10 songs he had written. After the first session with professional musicians he was hooked!
Since then, Kenneth has written 110 more songs, including co-writes with many of his Huntsville songwriter friends as well as Nashville professional staff writers and artists. Kenneth now has Jennifer contributing to some of his latest (and best) tunes. While Kenneth’s style has evolved more to the rough-n-rowdy style of contemporary country, like his current single “Bad Ass Country”, he’s still known to throw down the occasional hearty love song.

2011 was a jamb-packed year for Kenneth and Jennifer. Jennifer kicked it off on Valentine’s with his custom Martin guitar. Everything started falling in place from there, including writing 46 songs and recording the seven studio singles Kenneth has started releasing on ReverbNation. 

Kenneth and Jennifer have made countless road-trips to Nashville, writing  as well as playing shows at the Bluebird Café, the Commodore Grille, Ri’chard’s Café, and Bellcourt Taps and Tapas. Kenneth progressed to the semi-finals in the Puckett’s Grocery Rising Star contest, and performed in the Nashville Ear Songwriter Series at Nashville’s Bost Harley Davidson dealership.  

When at home in Huntsville, Kenneth continues to make music with his friends at the local songwriter hangouts, The Coffee Tree, The Daily Brew, and CD’s Bar and Grill.

Kenneth is a member of Songwriters For Surviors. He is right there to support the Benefit Series helping to raise money for victims of the April 2011 tornado outbreak. He is also involved in benefits for the Renaissance Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama.

Currently Kenneth is writing with hot, new Nashville artists, Lindsay Bruce and Parish County.  Writing sessions are booked into 2012 with more new up-and-coming pop and country artists. He has upcoming shows at the Commodore Grille, Hotel Indigo, and the Red Rooster Bar. Check out his show schedule

and latest releases at www.reverbnation.com/kennethcooper. Follow Ken on his Facebook Page Kenneth Cooper Music and be sure to click LIKE. Follow him or Twitter @KenCooperMusic.

So, as another one of our songwriters, MaryJustice says,
 "Hit it, Ken!"

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  1. As the less evil side of the "Good and Evil Tour", I can vouch for the amazing lyrical talent that is Kenneth Cooper. Here's to a year full of cuts and true hits!


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