Thursday, July 26, 2012

MaryJustice Featured on Ben E*Factor

ARTIST: MaryJustice Lucas
Posted by BENJAM on July 22, 2012

MaryJustice Lucas is a wonderfully gifted young lady. Coming from Huntsville, Alabama, she’s a talented songwriter with a sensational voice, who plays the guitar, & continues to sing her way into more people’s hearts everywhere she goes. Her music falls within the Country Genre with a sweet folk sound, sometimes altercating to Pop, or Rock as well. The songs she tends to perform are meaningful and heartfelt. They deal with life, love, and living. With a warm heart & a deep love for God, she’s a blessing.

Often teaming up with her long time friend Matt Morrow, she’s both great alone, or with him as a team. Together they’ve been compared to “The Civil Wars”. Having won an onslaught of awards, talent competitions, sold out shows, acquired representation & a growing fan base, she’s easy to brag on. You can find out more about our friend MaryJustice Lucas at: ““.

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