Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Our Homegrown Songwriters

This blog started sometime in April, 2009 to highlight Our Homegrown Songwriters, who usually show up every Wednesday night at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew on Bailey Cove Road in Huntsville, Alabama. They all have one thing in common ...the love of writing and sharing their songs. There were a few seasoned songwriters around like B.D. Chase, George Wells, Karen Newsum, Susan and Donny Grace, Jim Parker and Cristina Lynn, ready to lean a helping hand, to encourage, but by large, most were novices to the craft. 

It's amazing at the progress so many have made! Many have come and gone and new ones keep coming. The Coffee Tree is just the place for songwriters to gather, develop friendships, collaborate on co-writing and in general just to have a great time. They have joined forces to raise money for worthy causes and to support one another. It is always nice when someone is doing a show out of town and looks out to see familiar faces in the crowd. That's support, love and true friendship. Like family!

Watch this blog over the next several days or weeks to see who may be featured. Who knows? It could be you.

So meet the place ...  of course!
 The Coffee Tree Books & Brew 7900 Bailey Cove RD SE, Huntsville, AL 35802

In addition to hosting the Songwriters Open Mic on Wednesdays, Friday nights are reserved for 2 hour shows booked by the songwriters. Then, there's fun for everyone on Saturday Night Open Mic and whomever wants  to step up to the the microphone and sing. Something original or a cover, it doesn't matter as long as it's family friendly.
"The Tree," as we affectionately call it, is more than for songwriters, groups of all types meet there on a regular basis and Kitty and her staff offer up the best food and service one could hope for. When we first started going to "The Tree" another familiar face on the staff was Tom Crain who is no longer there full time but drops down from Missouri when he gets a chance. Tom is certainly one who is missed and we are always happy when he visits. 

That's all for now. Drop by again, soon, for reviews, featues and updates on what's happening with Our Homegrown Songwriters From Our Sweet Home Alabama

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