Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet Gary Whitehawk, Homegrown in Texas

Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Gary Whitehawk is a singer/songwriter/musician. Gary writes lyrics that come mostly from his life experiences. Sometime’s sad, sometime’s happy, and a lot of memories. When composing instrumentals, the melody comes from deep within, depending on his mood and feelings at the time ... straight from the heart and soul.
Gary was raised in West Texas, and was fortunate to be around a lot of great musicians. Like all musicians, Gary listened to many different genres of music, and of course tried to emulate a lot of them. From old Rock 'N' Roll, Country, and Blues, he played it all. Through the years, he played in several bands, and over time developed his own style of playing guitar. In later years, he married a wonderful woman, and started raising a family. Times were hard, and music could not produce enough income to properly raise a family, so Gary had to get away from his music for many years. The love of music always lingered in his heart. 
Now that Gary's family is grown and married, and blessing him with grand children, he is back doing what he always loved ... playing his music once again. Gary says he  has no desire to tour, or be in any bands. He just  wants to create his own music and share it with those who enjoy it. Gary is currently working on an Album, and plans to release it soon on his own label.
Visit Gary's website at http://www.whitehawkmusic.com/ and browse around. I think you will enjoy our visit. Check Gary Whitehawk Music on facebook and give him a big thumbs up LIKE!

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