Sunday, March 2, 2014

John Tinger and "The Peace Pox" Movie

Our own Homegrown Songwriter, John Tinger, is composing the film score for the movie "The Peace Pox," a docudrama based on the World War I Christmas Truce of 1914. Common soldiers call a truce for one night to meet each other in "No Man’s Land". This heartfelt film, originally written by Rodney Merten as a play, is in post production and will be released prior to the 100th year anniversary in December 2014. 
 "The Peace Pox" Teaser

John is  a guitarist/composer, with a keen penchant for real evocative atmospheres, those that touch one deep in the soul! his music has an ambient quality to it, with a fusion of contemporary jazz and classical feel. 

John has opened a Kickstarter Project to help cover his expenses for this project and would appreciate your participation in meeting his goal of raising $20,000.00. Please visit CLICK HERE to read the story behind the project and John's goals. 

John states, "I am looking to bring in other professional musicians on this project, a cello, double bass, duduk (Armenian instrument), violin, and piano! I am not sure which ones I will ultimately end up with, but I know for one thing ...  I am to do the best I can on this score! My guitar is simply my tool." 

He would like to complete this project in a month, if possible, and he has set that as the goal. John will have to pay the production costs for a professional recording as well as the musician fees. Time for completing a project isn't always exact, therefore he has  set the project fee at $20,000, to cover all costs, time, travel, and labor, etc. So let's get behind John on this project and help him achieve his goal. When you go to the project link you will see the list of "gifts" given in return for the donation.
For more about the multi-talented John Tinger please visit his website. Visit John Tinger on ReverbNation.

"The Peace Pox" movie trailer.

Minimum donation is $1.00. Just think how much can be raised if enough interested parties donate just a dollar! It could be incredible. No monies will be collected or used if the goal is not met.  Come on, fellow songwriters, friends and fans and anyone who happens to see this blogspot, let's get behind John and help him achieve his goal! Simply signup with   Kickstarter 
and go from there. Thanking you in advance!