Sunday, December 6, 2009

They Were Wanted! They Were Captured!

At the Coffee Tree Friday Night … A great show was missed by all absentees!
Wanted Poster
This crew did it again! Uncle Bethel, Coop and MaryJustice roped Marcia into their gang for a great night of music. Everything from “Love Potion #9” to “Santa Baby” and an awesome rendition of “Amazing Grace”…
Enjoy this new song written by Coop and performed by the “gang of five”
This won’t be the last we’ll hear from this gang!

Merry Christmas - Coop and Friends
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Get Holidazed With Uncle Bethel

Friday ~ December 4th ~ 7:00pm
The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
7900 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, Alabama

Presenting Uncle Bethel

With Guests

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Uncle Bethel

Uncle Bethel, a singer/songwriter team, features Lisa Car and Doug Budzak on vocals and all instruments.

The pair, formerly billed as VOODOO CHILI, decided it was time for a change when they began writing songs for the Nashville market. The name, "Strong & Beautiful" was considered for a time, but when the question "Which of us is going to be Beautiful?" couldn't be settled, they decided on UNCLE BETHEL, in honor of a favorite uncle of Lisa's from Silver Point, TN, because: (a) they thought it sounded cool & (b) it wasn't already taken. Lisa and Doug write their own songs and have collaborated with other writers. Lisa and Doug also own and operate the Rockit Juice Audio recording studio. Through their music, they hope to be noticed as performing songwriters, make an obscene amount of money and retire to the lake!

But, in the mean time ....


Uncle Bethel is mixing things up with some contemporary holiday tunes blended with great originals and even some fun honky-tonk music!

Special guests Ken Cooper


and MaryJustice

add to the good times, so don't miss it!

Here's a sample of what you'll hear:


Friday ~ December 4th ~ 7:00pm

The Coffee Tree Books & Brew

7900 Bailey Cove Road

Huntsville, Alabama

Sunday, November 8, 2009

MaryJustice & Friends Showcase

Friday ~ Nov 13 ~ 7:00pm

MJ slide

MaryJustice and Coop have put together a great two-hour show with ***NEW ORIGINAL SONGS*** along with old and new favorites such as “Poncho and Lefty,” and “White Horse.”

Songs Also, joining MaryJustice, are The Brewers and The Wild Onion Gang, bringing Southern Gospel and more … Ross and Kim Brewer, Ashley and Brooke Spurgeon and Tony Dalton (The Wild Onion Gang), are all lead singers with featured songs. *** Music by CD… Kim on keyboard … Tony on drums*** Members of different bands, these talented singers and musicians have joined together to entertain you with this iPOP! fundraiser for MaryJustice. Thank you, Ken, The Brewers, The Wild Onion Gang and the Coffee Tree Books & Brew for helping to make this happen!


This event is a fundraiser to help cover expenses for MaryJustice's trip to Los Angeles in January to compete at the International Presentation of Performers, iPOP!iPOP! Poster 2

All tips thrown into the tip bucket at the door, go toward payment for the cost of the trip.

Tip Bucket

Please tell everyone you know...if you can't come, maybe someone else will be able to. It will be lots of fun!

The Coffee Tree Books & Brew is a locally owned and operated business with a wonderful menu, including fabulous coffees, lattes, mochas, espressos, etc. On behalf of MaryJustice, Ken Cooper, Ross and Kim Brewer, and The Wild Onion Gang, we look forward to seeing you there!


Coffee Tree Books & Brew
7900 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, Alabama 35802

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Great Showcase

Ken has invited Lisa Carr and Doug Budzak to join him in this upcoming showcase. Lisa and Doug are a husband and wife team who bill themselves as Uncle Bethel. This multi-talented duo, with years of musical training and experience, also offers musical and vocal backup along with recording in their studio, Rockit Juice Audio.

Ken is a regular at the Coffee Tree Books & Brew on Songwriter's Open Mic night as well as the hosting the Tree's Saturday Night Open Mic. Check out Ken's latest CD available at CD Baby. "Take A Swing At Me," delves into your life as you know it - from the classic bar song title track, to heartfelt memories of a lost-loved one with "Where The Angels Ride," to bittersweet lost loves in "Love In The Rain" and "Bleeding From The Inside." Some happy love songs like "Carolina Girl" and "Mademoselle" are thrown into Ken's latest mix presenting a full-flavored, contemporary country album.

Don't miss this night of great entertainment!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sparky's Coffee House

Guntersville, Alabama
Presents Live and In Concert
Saturday October 3
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Bringing Sweet Pop Music

Kenneth Cooper
Adding A Touch Of Country

MaryJustice and Ken, performing songwriters, deliver a show as smooth and sweet as a cup of coffee with cream and sugar! Pop and country originals blended with a few old and new favorites are certain to entertain.

Sparky's Coffee House
Highway 431
Guntersville, Alabama


Friday, September 11, 2009

Uncle Bethel Showcase

The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
September 18, 7:00 - 9:00
7900 Bailey Cove Road
Huntsville, Alabama

Uncle Bethel, a singer/songwriter team, features Lisa Car and Doug Budzak on vocals and all instruments. They also operate Rockit Juice Audio, a demo production studio in Huntsville, Alabama.

Lisa and Doug write their own songs and have collaborated with other writers. Members of NSAI, SGA, BMI and ASCAP, they are gearing up for live gigs in Nashville, Northern Alabama, as well as recording more of their songs. Through their music, they hope to be noticed as performing songwriters, make an obscene amount of money and retire to the lake! For more information visit them at

Kenneth Cooper, NSAI member, started "writing" songs while stationed near Washington, D.C. in 2005, but never took them live or recorded until 2008. His wife, Jennifer, bought him an acoustic guitar on ebay for $1. He "noodled" around and learned to play some of their favorite tunes but then started writing some of his own and found it to be very therapeutic. Although a very entertaining performer, Ken's dream is to be a a professional songwriter. Ken says, "To hear the likes of George Strait or Martina McBride sing one of my songs - that will be heaven." For more about Ken visit

MaryJustice, a 14 year old, award-winning, performing songwriter, is a member of NSAI, BMI and Nashville Spotlight Kids Club. She is a regular presenter at the Coffee Tree's Wednesday Night Songwriters Showcase. MaryJustice recently auditioned for iPOP! and won an invitation to compete at the International Presentation of Performers Convention in Los Angeles, California in January 2010. Visit and

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Janet McLaughlin

It was an honor to meet Janet McLaughlin, a multi-talented performing songwriter. We met Janet, last year at a songwriting competition MaryJustice entered and several times since then. Alabama-born, but now living in Nashville, this lady wears a warm, sincere smile .... a very contagious smile that instantly puts one at ease. Janet seems to be a boundless bundle of energy who loves to ride horses and play guitar.

"Shine In The Moon" is a delightful work taking the listener on a wonderful journey. "Whispered Prayer" and "Where I Belong" give an insight into the challenge that delayed Janet's finishing this project.

On December 12, 2005, days after recording the first four tracks, Janet suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a spontaneous bleed between the brain and the skull. The next five days found her in the neurological ICU of Nashville's Baptist Hospital.
Her doctors credit her survival to her quick response and attention to what she knew was extremely serious. Although slower than Janet would have liked, her recovery was steady and she credits it to the love and support of her family and friends seeing her through this difficult and physically challenging time. Janet, herself is a caring, giving person, who in addition to writing and performing, enjoys working with young songwriters. Janet has volunteered her time at the W.O. Smith Community Music School and for many years has donated her time to the Country Music Foundation and Museum's songwriting program for school age students. I know she has been very encouraging to MaryJustice in her songwriting and singing pursuits. Thank you, Janet.

Janet was in Huntsville for a Jim Parker Songwriter Showcase recently and we got to meet Carson, "My All American Boy" who almost stole the show.

In addition to all the things mentioned above, Janet does agility training and competition with her dogs which I think are all rescues.

"My All American Boy," AKA "The Agility Song," was played throughout the 2008 USDAA World Games in Scottsdale, AR.

If it's not playing click on the playlist and sample this great music, available from Janet's website, Whether a pedigreed pooch or a rescue mutt, those of you who LUV your dog may order a personalized copy of the song and Janet will add your special dog's name!

It was great meeting you, Janet (and Carson), and hope to see you again soon. May God continue to bless you and may all that you touch prosper!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jim Parker's Songwriters Showcase July 10


Wow! Unbelievable things going on in my music world!

I am blessed to have Diana DeGarmo, American Idol runner up, join me with her amazing voice and stunning beauty. She has a new album project in the works with songs being produced by multi talented and award winning, performing songwriter/producer, John Rich!

I'm also very fortunate to have my long time friend, gorgeous, talent, singer/songwriter from Canada, Melanie Dekker performing along side of me. This incredible talent has graced the world stages over the years and will bring her own special brand of melodic and romantic music to you.

One of our favorites will be returning to give you his renditions of groove music and rockin' songs. An energetic writer and guitarist will amaze you with his picking and singing. Be ready to get it on with Rockin' Ricky Ray. "Stand Up" by Mel McDaniel is just one that'll get your groove thang going. He is also a producer for Doby Gray who has the classic pop song "Drift Away."

Our opening act will be our own Donny Grace. He is co-coordinator with David Swinford of the North Alabama Songwriters NSAI chapter and has been in love with the craft of songwriting for many years. Both comedic and spiritual moments will get you thinking about everyday life.

This will be a night to remember. Get you tickets now if you want a seat.

More News!

"Bigger Hands" has been released and the title cut, "Bigger Hands", co-written with John Anderson, is currently #4 on his iTunes download list! "Bigger Hands" is available at most retail outlets and on line for under $14.00. John is an icon in the music industry and deserves another round of success. He's still young with the best, identifiable, voices in country music today. Help support the icons that have earned their way to the top!

Regards, Jim

Von Braun Center Playhouse
Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't miss your chance to meet great songwriters behind songs such as
"Little Miracle"
"Stand UP"
"I've Got a Feelin"

These hits were written by Melanie Dekker, Rickey Ray and American Idol Finalist Diana DeGarmo and Jim Parker.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey, Folks! Let's Celebrate!

Wednesday, July 1st, 7:00 p.m.
- B.D. Chase Memorial Songwriters Open Mic -
The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama

Come on out to The Coffee Tree Books & Brew, grab that cup of great coffee, a snack and hear some great music by our local songwriters. This week's Songwriters Showcase, hosted by Ken Dupree is dedicated to the memory of the late BD Chase. BD, whose real name was Donald Faulkenbury, died July 11, 2008 at age 61 of heart disease. He was a courageous, quiet, gentle man who touched and changed lives with his art, his music, his wit, his wisdom, and courage. B.D.had a quick smile and encouraging words for all songwriters as he entertained and hosted the Wednesday Night Songwriters Showcase.

Who may be one of the first to hear the next great hit ... Or you may be the new songwriter presenting the next great hit! Who knows! Anyway, you will be entertained by the many regular songwriter/singers including, Jim Parker, Ken Cooper, MaryJustice, Donny & Susan Grace, Karen Newsum, Earl Watts, Jerry Munger and any newcomers who happen to drop in! Songwriters come from near and far to sing at The Coffee Tree...word has gotten around and guitar carrying visitors to Huntsville drop in on Wednesday nights!!!

Thursday July 2nd, 7:00
- "Celebrate America" -
The Coffee Tree Books & Brew
Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama

This special show celebrates Independence Day of our great United States of America!

Featuring patriotic songs by Randy Duck, HPD Lieutenant, retired.

Hosted by Ken Dupree, also HPD retiree. Ken is quite the comic and has something special up his sleeve for Thursday night!

Back by popular demand!!!! Bubba Elvis performing the last 45 minutes of the show. You don't want to miss him! You know .... after his last song ... Elvis leaves the building!!!

So, come on early... get your favorite table ... order up that great coffee ... sandwich ... salad ... dessert from Kitty and Tom's menu ... settle in for a night of fun, music and friendship!

No Friday Night Showcase this week! The Coffee Tree will close late afternoon on Friday so the staff can enjoy ... The 4th of July! Happy Birthday USA!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coming June 5th Von Braun Center

(Click picture for full view)
These are terrific shows in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere in the VBC Playhouse. You get to interact with the singer/songwriters, order beverages and food. There is no better entertainment and atmosphere anywhere at this price!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Honoring Our Heroes

Coffee Tree Books & Brew
Friday, May 15
7:00 P.M.

Come early to get your coffee, snack and table and get ready for the opening of the show, hosted by Randy Duck, HPD Lieutenant, retired, who enjoys his retirement singing, witing and producing music.

This showcase introduces the "America's Child" CD produced by Grace Song Music. "America's Child" featuring 12 original songs, written by George Wells, Randy Duck and Ken Dupree, is a tribute to our military, law enforcement and firefighters.

George Wells

The title song "America's Child," and "The American Way," were written by George Wells. "FireFighter" was co-written by Wells and Duck.

Ken Dupree

"Miranda's Warning" written by Ken Dupree.

This evening of music is to honor those who serve and is a memorial to those officers from HPD and surrounding areas that have been killed in the line of duty. Local officers will be recognized for their service not only to Huntsville Police and Fire Departments, but also for serving overseas in the current conflict.

Recently, Randy was a guest on the radio show, "Those Who Serve" which airs Saturdays on Station WQXD, Decatur, Alabama. He and host, Dave Carney talked about the production of the CD, the songs and the mission.

"America's Child" is dedicated to the memory of William Eric Freeman, the young HPD officer slain in the line of duty in 2007, and the sacrifice our officers make everyday - here and in other places around the world.

Fifty percent of all proceeds from the sale of "America's Child" go directly to the Huntsville Police Fallen Officer's Memorial Fund. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the CD may contact Randy at

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jim Parker's Songwriter Showcase

Friday, May 1, 2009
Von Braun Center Playhouse
Huntsville, Alabama

See Some of the Country's Best Songwriters, Ask Questions, Find Out What Inspires These Songwriters, and Enjoy a Night of Laughter and Great music

Jim Parker

"Chicken Truck" Recorded by John Anderson
"I've Got a Feelin" Recorded by John Anderson

Claire Lynch
Bluegrass musician, singer and songwriter, being recognized as a creative influence in bluegrass music since her early days with Front Porch

"Hills of Alabam" Recorded by Kathy Mattea
"Some Morning Soon" Recorded by Patty Loveless

Jim Hurst
Guitarist-vocalist and multi-instrumentalist playing bluegrass, country, rock and blues

"Steven's Deep Coal Mines"

Janet McLaughlin

"Walk on Water" Recorded by Loretta Lynn
"My All American Boy", was featured during the 2008 USDAA Cynosport World Games

Opening Act

Bill DiLuigi is a Nashville Songwriter with unique vision. He has had several songs recorded internationally.

Guest Appearance

Randy Duck, former Huntsville Police Department Lieutenant, recently recorded a new CD entitled, "America's Child," a tribute to our military, to law enforcement and firefighters. Dedicated to the memory of William Eric Freeman, the young HPD officer slain in the line of duty in 2007, fifty percent of all proceeds from the sale of "America's Child" go directly to the Huntsville Police Fallen Officer's Memorial Fund. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the CD may contact Randy at

Showcase at 6:30 pm***Doors Open at 5:30 pm
Buy Tickets Today, Just $20.00!

Check the Von Braun Center event schedule for upcoming showcases!

Thanks, Jim! One of the most entertaining and enjoyable evenings you will experience! See ya'll at The Jim Parker's Songwriter Showcase!
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