Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Singer/Songwriter Charles L. Burgess

I love songwriting. To me, a song tells a story about the way we live, our past experiences and memories; some are good and some not so good but life has a way of going on. I write of nostalgic memories, funny things, inspirational with melodies from country with a touch of gospel and pop with a little rock and roll! 

I started singing in a quartet when I was around 11. My brother and I had a radio program. Every Saturday morning at around 7:30, we rode the bus to the station. What fun that was! As I grew up I continued to sing with several gospel groups including the Sacred Airs Quartet, the Gospel Cadets with the last one being Space City.

These quartets are no longer together as all my members are in their heavenly homes. Now at age 79, I'm still writing songs and singing everywhere I get a chance. I hope you'll listen to my playlist. I sing these songs myself, but have had some co-writers and others to record my songs. My songs are also available on ReverbNation for your enjoyment. Please share with your friends and leave comments.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meet Bonnie McGill!!

She's not from Alabama, or even the United States, but I ran across Bonnie McGill on the internet and fell in love with her music and down-home style and sincerity. May I introduce, Bonnie McGill?

She visits her friends and fans on ReverbNation regularly and comments on their music with words of encouragement. Bonnie is a creative writer and entertainer and pulls you in as she sets an inviting scene with "the coffee is hot and your music is playing in Bonnie's cafe this morning." One immediately gets a mental vision of a warm, cozy cafe with people sitting around enjoying the music Bonnie plays for her customers. I asked her if she has a cafe and her reply was, "no, it's just for fun ... an imaginary place ... everyone loves it" and she's right!

Bonnie's Story

I am one of 13 children born and raised in West Lorne, Ontario, Canada, in a three bedroom house. We had little means of entertainment.  So, I would make up bedtime stories to tell my sisters, as five of us younger girls shared one bed (It kept us warm that way.). I always knew I had a gift to write and sing and to tell stories. I decided to start writing things down on paper and saving what I'd write.  I had sung hymns in church every Sunday since I was three years old. My voice would ring out above so many! I would often be called up to sing to the congregation with the accompaniment of a piano.

When I started school, the other kids made fun of me, because I was poor. I loved the song Dolly Parton wrote “Coat of Many Colours” because I had a coat just like that. I walked over a mile to school and home every day.  It was often freezing cold so I would sing the songs I made up to take my mind off the cold.

I have been told by many people that my writing is a gift from God. I believe that is true. I am thankful that God would bless a poor child such as me with such a treasured gift. To date, I have written over 400 songs and continue to write every day. I have published a CD with 18 original songs. I have recorded In Nashville Tennessee and In London, Ontario, Canada

I have published a book in 2009, entitled “Bonnie's Poems”. It has 221 pages of real-life stories and poems about me and different events in my life. I also included 85 original songs written by me. The book is available through alibris.

We still live in the small town of West Lorne Ontario, Canada where I am writing my biography, “Kirschner Is My Name.” Kirschner is my maiden name and I want people to know that a poor girl, with music in her heart, can make it in this world with the help of a loving family, friends, and a loving God!

You  may contact Bonnie at 
Bonnie McGill
124 Graham, Street
West Lorne, Ontario 
Canada N012P0, 

Drop in for a visit with Bonnie McGill. Listen to her music and watch her videos. I have included a playlist here, but click on all her links and get acquainted with this sweet, warm and talented entertainer. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Singers and Songwriters For St. Jude Huntsville Group One

18th Annual Singers and Songwriters

For St. Jude

September 13, 2014 - 5:00 PM

The Stem and Stein

10871 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35758


Huntsville Group 1: Singers/Songwriters/Entertainers

Ron Brown "Not Quite Traditional"

Ron writes songs in many genres, Americana, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Traditional, Bluegrass, Blues, Country and many others. Ron plays guitar and harmonica. He enjoys discovering unique sounds through different chord voices and progressions.

MaryJustice Lucas
 “A little bit Country, a little bit Pop, but more Indie, written and performed with bittersweet honesty!”

MaryJustice has a passion for songwriting, and entertaining. Whether considered Pop, New Country or Indie, her songs appeal to teens as well as older music lovers. She is serious about her songwriting and performances. A young woman of faith, she considers these God-given gifts and gives all credit to Him.

Amit Chadha “Country, Folk, Rock, Pop”
Amit plays his songs on acoustic guitar in styles that include folk, country, rock, pop and more. Musically, his songs sound like something you could hear on the radio, but a sense of humor and spark really comes through with his unique lyrics.

Earl Watts “Country, Folk, Gospel”
Earl’s tribute to Vietnam Veteran’s, “Ordinary Soldier” is being played around the world. He is a frequent guest at military organizations, patriotic gatherings and veteran’s memorials. Earl is an outstanding instrumentalist.

Robin Stewart  "Indie, Blues"
Robin writes and sings about relationships: the past, the present...and the future. She accompanies her self on piano and is often asked to play and do backup harmonies with other songwriters. Her music has the style and feel of Sara Barrellis  and Carol King.

Alvia Sandberg “Country, Acoustic, Folk, Rock”
"A boy in a man's shoes planted in the South with my heart back on the farm just singin’ a song. If I write or cover a song, it's because the song needs to be heard (wink). I'm addicted to the singer-songwriter performances. There's nothing better than sharing life, love and embarrassing screw-ups in front of a crowd of onlookers and fellow songwriters. It keeps me encouraged to go to work and earn a living so that I can write and sing a little longer.” 

Homegrown Songwriters is loaded with talent! They are active in their music careers performing all over and everywhere they happen to be. They are from all walks of life, college students, business owners, engineers, school teachers, music teachers. All with busy lives, but always ready to donate their talent and time to support community causes and benefits. Send out the appeal for help and they will come. They never fail to deliver a wonderful show. 

There's more comin'

In person at the event or
Check or money orders:
Made out to St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Mail to PO Box 6756 Huntsville, Al 35813

Singers and Songwriters for St. Jude Saturday, September 13th ~ 5:00 PM

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Singers and Songwriters for St. Jude

18th Annual Singers and Songwriters

For St. Jude

September 13, 2014 - 9:30 PM

The Stem and Stein

10871 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35758


The Birmingham Group

Kendra Sutton, "Country to Soul"
Kendra writes from the heart, drawing her songwriting influences from Country to Soul. Kendra is a proud mother of a cancer survivor and lived on a cancer ward at Children’s hospital. She wrote a song about her daughter, Victoria, "Room 444 Victoria's Journey" available to view on YouTube. Kendra’s band Hallelujah Junction won the Battle of the Blues and is representing the State of Alabama in the World International Blues Competition in Memphis, January 2015.

Travis Widner, "Alternative Country"
Travis writes songs in the style of Ryan Adams and The Replacements. His favorite touring bands are Dawes and Water Liars.
Jay Randall, “Americana”
Jay Randall is a performing singer/songwriter in the Birmingham area. Written in the storytelling tradition of Country and Folk Music, Jay’s deeply personal songs are often described as Americana. 

Skip Cochran, “Country/Americana/Folk Rock”
When asked to describe his music, Skip replied, “Music is inside me, and it has been a dandy journey watching it come out. Hope you enjoy my music. May it touch you where you're needing to be touched.” Well, stated, Skip!

Chapman James, “Singer/Songwriter/Folk/Americana”
Chapman has had unique insights into the development of a Folk musician. "A writer is not necessarily the one that shouts 'Hear Me!' (that's the performer talking), but one that listens and seems to whisper 'I heard you'."  Whether it's the sound of a human trotting across the prairie, the epic life of a tree, the loneliness one needs to combat garden gnomes or a view of war through the eyes of a 4 year old boy, Chapman's songs are honest and simple.
This will be a wonderful show supporting a wonderful and worthy cause. So join these talented songwriters for an evening of entertainment and fun. I promise you will not be bored and will come away with a smile on your face. I hope you'll send in your donations if you are unable to attend. All funds go directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Del McGee, sponsor and The Stem and Stein pay all the expenses for this benefit. The songwriters donate their time, talent and yes, their money for St. Jude.

In person at the event or
Check or money orders:
Made out to St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Mail to PO Box 6756 Huntsville, Al 35813