Sunday, September 20, 2015

St. Jude Benefit Update!

Del McGee, Host and Originator of Singers and Songwriters for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This was the 19th year for this benefit! Thank you Del, for all that you do for St. Jude.

September 13th
Dell, "We raised a total of $2,217 at the event last night. We raised $1090 on line for a total of $3,307, and with some more expected this week, plus our matching benefactor. We should be almost at $7,000 for St Jude!!!! Not bad for the first cold night of the season and competing with 2 huge concerts in the area!

September 14th"Just met with our benefactor, he wrote me a check for $4,000......
Puts us up over $7.400...!!!!!" The St. Jude websites are still up and it's not too late to donate if you missed your opportunity.  To my knowledge, MaryJustice Lucas was the single largest fundraiser AGAIN this year, and she wasn't even there. That says a lot, both about her and, her following.
MaryJustice Lucas

Great big shout-out to Doug Donley and his crew of Michelle and David for the sound. They all got there early and stayed late in order to make the show a success and did it all at their own expense. Thanks, Doug. We appreciate y'all.

Big thanks to Tommy Shepard of Tommy Shepard Music, corner of Meridian and Oakwood, for providing the monitors. Tommy has forever been our "go to" source for sound support over the years. If you need any guitar work, a new guitar or instrument, Tommy is a local guy. Grew up here, supports us constantly so just go see Tommy. He's not only a great musician, he's one of us.

Thanks to all of you for your support this year.......Stay tuned, I promise the 20th will be something really special.  

Del McGee

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Double Your Money for St. Jude!

Come on, everybody! Let's get behind this event and beat last year's quota!

Our anonymous friend has pledged to match all donations again this year! 

Double your money!

Tax-free Donation Links:

Team Leader: Ron Brown

 Team Leader: Chapman James

Team Leader: Will Stults

Jim Parker

Help stamp out childhood cancer by donating generously!
Remember: SAT - SEP 12, 2015
5:00pm - 11:00pm
The Stem and Stein
10871 County Line Road #B
Madison, Alabama 35758
(256) 325-3779