Saturday, July 18, 2009

Janet McLaughlin

It was an honor to meet Janet McLaughlin, a multi-talented performing songwriter. We met Janet, last year at a songwriting competition MaryJustice entered and several times since then. Alabama-born, but now living in Nashville, this lady wears a warm, sincere smile .... a very contagious smile that instantly puts one at ease. Janet seems to be a boundless bundle of energy who loves to ride horses and play guitar.

"Shine In The Moon" is a delightful work taking the listener on a wonderful journey. "Whispered Prayer" and "Where I Belong" give an insight into the challenge that delayed Janet's finishing this project.

On December 12, 2005, days after recording the first four tracks, Janet suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a spontaneous bleed between the brain and the skull. The next five days found her in the neurological ICU of Nashville's Baptist Hospital.
Her doctors credit her survival to her quick response and attention to what she knew was extremely serious. Although slower than Janet would have liked, her recovery was steady and she credits it to the love and support of her family and friends seeing her through this difficult and physically challenging time. Janet, herself is a caring, giving person, who in addition to writing and performing, enjoys working with young songwriters. Janet has volunteered her time at the W.O. Smith Community Music School and for many years has donated her time to the Country Music Foundation and Museum's songwriting program for school age students. I know she has been very encouraging to MaryJustice in her songwriting and singing pursuits. Thank you, Janet.

Janet was in Huntsville for a Jim Parker Songwriter Showcase recently and we got to meet Carson, "My All American Boy" who almost stole the show.

In addition to all the things mentioned above, Janet does agility training and competition with her dogs which I think are all rescues.

"My All American Boy," AKA "The Agility Song," was played throughout the 2008 USDAA World Games in Scottsdale, AR.

If it's not playing click on the playlist and sample this great music, available from Janet's website, Whether a pedigreed pooch or a rescue mutt, those of you who LUV your dog may order a personalized copy of the song and Janet will add your special dog's name!

It was great meeting you, Janet (and Carson), and hope to see you again soon. May God continue to bless you and may all that you touch prosper!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jim Parker's Songwriters Showcase July 10


Wow! Unbelievable things going on in my music world!

I am blessed to have Diana DeGarmo, American Idol runner up, join me with her amazing voice and stunning beauty. She has a new album project in the works with songs being produced by multi talented and award winning, performing songwriter/producer, John Rich!

I'm also very fortunate to have my long time friend, gorgeous, talent, singer/songwriter from Canada, Melanie Dekker performing along side of me. This incredible talent has graced the world stages over the years and will bring her own special brand of melodic and romantic music to you.

One of our favorites will be returning to give you his renditions of groove music and rockin' songs. An energetic writer and guitarist will amaze you with his picking and singing. Be ready to get it on with Rockin' Ricky Ray. "Stand Up" by Mel McDaniel is just one that'll get your groove thang going. He is also a producer for Doby Gray who has the classic pop song "Drift Away."

Our opening act will be our own Donny Grace. He is co-coordinator with David Swinford of the North Alabama Songwriters NSAI chapter and has been in love with the craft of songwriting for many years. Both comedic and spiritual moments will get you thinking about everyday life.

This will be a night to remember. Get you tickets now if you want a seat.

More News!

"Bigger Hands" has been released and the title cut, "Bigger Hands", co-written with John Anderson, is currently #4 on his iTunes download list! "Bigger Hands" is available at most retail outlets and on line for under $14.00. John is an icon in the music industry and deserves another round of success. He's still young with the best, identifiable, voices in country music today. Help support the icons that have earned their way to the top!

Regards, Jim

Von Braun Center Playhouse
Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't miss your chance to meet great songwriters behind songs such as
"Little Miracle"
"Stand UP"
"I've Got a Feelin"

These hits were written by Melanie Dekker, Rickey Ray and American Idol Finalist Diana DeGarmo and Jim Parker.